MES provides flexural testing of polymers and composites.


The flexure test method measures behavior of polymeric or composite materials subjected to simple beam loading. The maximum fiber stress and maximum strain are calculated for a given load, which may be represented in a stress-strain diagram. The peak flexural strength is the maximum stress in the outermost fiber. Peak fiber stress may be calculated at the surface of the specimen on the convex or tension side. Flexural modulus is often calculated from the slope of the stress vs. deflection curve. Flexure tests on flat sandwich construction may be conducted to determine the sandwich flexural stiffness, the core shear strength, and shear modulus, or the compressive and tensile strengths of the facing.



  • Three point and four point bend

  • Force-Displacement Behavior

  • Facing Ultimate Stress

  • Ultimate Facing Stress

  • Effective Compressive and Tensile Chord Modulus

  • Effective Sandwich Flexural Stiffness

  • Failure type/mode


  • ASTM C 393

  • ASTM D 790

  • ASTM D 6272

  • ASTM D 7249


  • Samples machined from supplied panels.

  • Long beam samples up to 3″ wide and up to 24″ long.